Women in STEM

5 Facts About Women in STEM

  1. Throughout K-12, the amount of girls and boys that take math and science classes are roughly even, and both graduate high school equally prepared to pursue STEM majors in college, but fewer women pursue these majors than men.
  2. Girls/young women who excel in STEM subjects in K-12 are still less likely to pursue a STEM major in college. A previous study showed that many of these girls/young women reported that they were “not interested” in pursuing STEM despite their aptitude to succeed.
  3. Women who do go on to pursue STEM are significantly underrepresented in certain fields. There are more women in the sciences (life and social) than in engineering and technology fields.
  4. Black, Latina, and Indigenous women earn only 14% of bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields and make up less than 10% of the STEM workforce.
  5. Although men have higher median earnings than women across all fields, women in STEM have higher median earnings than women in non-STEM fields (~$75,000 compared to ~$40,000).
Graph showing breakdown of women in select STEM occupations.

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