The Ingenuity Project, Inc.

The Ingenuity Project, Inc.

Contact Name:
Keyha Royster

Contact Email:
[email protected]


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Age Range:
Middle, High

Program Description:
Ingenuity offers four city-wide middle school advanced STEM programs at Hamilton, Mount Royal, Roland Park, and James McHenry and hosts a single advanced STEM high school program at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.

Ingenuity’s math and science curriculum is not a supplement to existing math and science instruction, but a separate, comprehensive math and science curriculum. Ingenuity hires highly qualified math teachers to partner with the Baltimore City math teacher so students are learning in small classes of 15:1.

Middle School
Ingenuity’s middle school program begins with high expectations for student achievement. Ingenuity teachers provide challenging and dynamic coursework with an emphasis on inquiry, investigation, strong work habits, and deep mastery of concepts. Teachers provide summer programs in mathematics to ensure retention of concepts, and support students with after school programs, such as The Learning Club (TLC), and coaching to prepare for regional and national math competitions and science fairs.

High School
Ingenuity’s high school program aligns to the highest standards in math and science to enable students to enroll and succeed in selective colleges and STEM careers. Almost 100% of all Ingenuity students have been accepted into competitive 4-year colleges. Students receive personalized student and family guidance for college selection, and opportunities for connection to a vast network of successful alumni and professionals in STEM related careers.